Will Facebook be around forever?

A recent internet study showed that within the last year the number of Danish Facebook user between the age of 14 and 24 has dropped by 9,7%. In addition the same age-groups’ time spent on the social platform dropped from 23 to 21 minutes a day. There can be many reasons for this drop, but in general I believe it has something to do with the entry of other generations on Facebook . Kids simply don’t want to share a social platform with their parents.

It general it makes you wonder and reevaluate the strength of the Facebook business model. I admit that I have been one of the strongest advocates for Facebook as a long term sustainable solution that could survive for generations. However, if the Danish trend becomes a global trend I would begin to question if Facebook would actually be around forever… or atleast as long as I thought it would.

 (study in Danish) http://jon-lund.com/main/unge-danskere-siver-fra-facebook/


One response to “Will Facebook be around forever?

  1. I agree that there will be some drop outs due to the parent/kids issue.

    But the study also disclosed one of its major flaws – it does not include people who access Facebook on their mobile devices. As trends also point towards more and more young people abandoning the laptop and instead use their phone for things such as email and social media, the drastic drop may not be that drastic.

    I think, however, it is a valid discussion whether Facebook will disappear at some point. My guess is that if it does, it will be because people have moved to another social media network. In much the same way as many former myspace heavy users moved to Facebook.

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